Welcome to My Red Cape. Long ago in another time my husband Jack and I lived in a little old red house. It was the stuff of dreams to us for the few years that we were there. I live there still a number of hours every day in imagination, with old dolls and paintings and fabrics and feather trees. I draw inspiration and happiness from the memories of that space in time and share some of it here with friends who remember how to step with Alice through the looking glass and take delight in whimsies and antiquities.

For more than sixty years I have studied, collected, repaired, and loved antique dolls. They have been back ground music in my life at every stage, sometimes louder, sometimes subdued, but always there with me. To see only the posts about dolls on this blog, click the banner on the right titled Dolls for My Red Cape. Keep clicking “Older Posts” to see more. From time to time items are offered for sale under the banner “O’Neill’s Antiques” which was our shop name for many years. ~Edyth O’Neill

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two days till Christmas!

Good morning Rachael. Thank you for sugggestions of a name for my new doll. I have not settled on one yet, am considering Bridgette, we did have a lovely white cashmere goat of that name a few years ago. I miss the goats. Jack is outside now cutting magnolia leaves for me to use in the house. Incredibly there are two lovely white blooms this week, high in the top of the young but tall tree.
Our black Cat Cleopatra is helping Jack, she goes about with us all the time when we are outside, as a dog would. She will even go to the car door to greet guests who drive up and stop. Cleo moved here with us from the farm.
She was running along before me one day at the farm, when I was carrying large flower pots out in front of me and in 8 or 10 inch grass, unable to see where I was walking. If Cleo had not been ahead of me in her friendly way, I would never have seen the rattler till I stepped on all 5 feet of him. Cleo caused the snake the rear up and rattle and I saw it in time to retreat loudly! She is a highly regarded cat!
Christmas cooking and decorating and wrapping are in full swing here. Warmly, Edyth

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