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Monday, July 28, 2014

A Fredericksburg Cupboard?

Several times a month or even several times a week when other things are not crowding in, I stop by our local Hospice thrift store.  So often I pick up nothing or just a magazine or so, (art magazines a favorite) and wander out wondering why I bother. But about twice a year I come out grinning and I know why I go there!   Today is such a day! 
My friend Linda is working on her home and has said she needs more closet space, having taken one for a little office.  "A good old wardrobe would be a great help, but when would I ever get one?" 

So here it is and I just walked up on it and called her to come quickly. This one is constructed with wooden pegs and looks to be Texas German, likely local here as it has been in a shed where dirt dobbers have built many nests inside. If it had been in the hands of a collector or dealer it likely would have been cleaned at least somewhat and then of course might have been hauled from anywhere similar pieces were made. 

The wardrobe has only one very old coat of gray paint on the outside, and shows its long leaf pine inside and on the back.  Its small size makes it so much more usable than the often huge ones.   This one is barely taller than Linda herself.  Opening the door reveals the original peg rack in the upper back, with dear old hand made pegs to hang garments.  The piece is entirely undisturbed and needs just cleaning and tightening of one loose board low in front.  Linda is as thrilled with it as I knew she would be!  Gray stoneware and baskets will look wonderful on the broad top, and Linda has loads of those.  
edyth, doing the happy dance!


  1. What a wonderful find! I would be doing a happy dance, too, if I were Linda..
    Hugs :)

  2. What a wonderful find! And it hasn't been touched! That's the best part.

  3. Wonderful! Lucky you and your friend.

  4. Nice piece of furniture!!!
    I am really enjoying your blogs. Maida is beautiful and very inspirational. I can't believe you are right here in Texas !!!


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