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For more than sixty years I have studied, collected, repaired, and bought and sold antique dolls. They have been back ground music in my life at every stage, sometimes louder, sometimes subdued, but always there with me. To see only the posts about dolls on this blog, click the banner on the right titled Dolls for My Red Cape. Keep clicking “Older Posts” to see more. Some of the posts featuring rug hooking are gathered under the banner For Cathy. From time to time items are offered for sale under the banner “O’Neill’s Antiques” which was our shop name for many years. ~Edyth O’Neill

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Shaping my tiny plot of ground

The houses on my street have lots just 50 feet wide, with zero clearance on one side and a garden entry way on the other.  Called garden homes, I have taken the name to heart and am enjoying the many possibilities of this pretty little space.
The sun porch is a fine place for pot plants year round as well as a spot to watch backyard birds.

 The small atrium gives light and green plants to the breakfast area and dining area.  I enjoy working with textures of plants in the atrium.

 My back yard is still a simple green lawn 20 by 50 feet. I have hopes for it later that do not include lawn grass.  In fact I would like the entire yard to consist of paths and seating areas and planting areas, no lawn.  Judging by how sore and tired (but happy)  I am tonight it will take a while!
My gardening is not xeriscaping as some have called it because of areas of rock mulch.  There are several xeriscaped yards nearby. Mine is not that because it will need significant supplemental watering to live.  If the heat and drought should persist and worsen here, my hardscape will be in place and remain, while individual plants will have to be replaced with hardier cousins from the desert.
The side and door yard garden have been bright with  pansies. They are beginning to signal their dislike of Texas summer heat and will soon come up.  Two strong men hung the now faded antiques shop sign in a protected spot beside the front door. Jack made the sign for our business thirty three years back. 

The front yard will contain a nice seating area. Neighbors here walk a lot, and visit out front a bit. I shaped a big irregular "bean" laying out the perimeter with a garden hose, then outlining it with pavers.   Inside of the bean  there will be chairs and shredded wood mulch, soft underfoot.  Around the outside there will be plants in gravel mulch.  It is exciting to me to see the seating area taking on substance after existing only as an idea for so long.   The plants will be so much more interesting when some spread out and others grow tall.  The young man  doing all the heavy things is a treasured new friend and helper. I am starting with a few pictures, and will add more soon. 


  1. I love what you are creating in your yard...so nice....can't wait to see it at completion...blessings

  2. Edyth,
    Love seeing you in your sun bonnet! I know your gardens will be lovely with all the good ideas you have. My garden is a bit of a muddle, a hither and thither affair. But, we enjoy it and that's the important thing. Hope you have a wonderful summer!♥

  3. How wonderful--I love walking and enjoying gardens


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