Welcome to My Red Cape. Long ago in another time my husband Jack and I lived in a little old red house. It was the stuff of dreams to us for the few years that we were there. I live there still a number of hours every day in imagination, with old dolls and paintings and fabrics and feather trees. I draw inspiration and happiness from the memories of that space in time and share some of it here with friends who remember how to step with Alice through the looking glass and take delight in whimsies and antiquities.

For more than sixty years I have studied, collected, repaired, and bought and sold antique dolls. They have been back ground music in my life at every stage, sometimes louder, sometimes subdued, but always there with me. To see only the posts about dolls on this blog, click the banner on the right titled Dolls for My Red Cape. Keep clicking “Older Posts” to see more. Some of the posts featuring rug hooking are gathered under the banner For Cathy. From time to time items are offered for sale under the banner “O’Neill’s Antiques” which was our shop name for many years. ~Edyth O’Neill

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Book, Rugs for My Red Cape

It has been a heartwarming experience to connect with so many people and make many new friends by self publishing my rug book. It was with fear and trepidation and many thousands of dollars that Jack and I had 4000 copies printed and set out to sell and distribute them ourselves. It worked beyond what one might have expected. We did not start off smart enough to print labels on our computer and did not figure out how to have the post office pick up the packages, we trudged off with a dolly loaded with home wrapped packages and made a many a trip those first years! The books are now out of print, which just means we will not reprint them in hard copy and mail them to people. Our remaining last last box full is held for growing grand children or other needs here.

I am humbly pleased to say that there are still inquiries for copies of "Rugs for My Red Cape" so I am excited about the idea of publishing it in a new form... Some services offer the customer either downloads to a reader like Kindle or ipad or print on demand. That would be nice for my rug hookers. This is something whose time has come now. I have been watching it out of the corners of my eyes for a while, now it is feasible I believe. So sometime over the coming summer I hope to post the link here for a new edition of the book, in a very inexpensive and widely accessible form. The photographs are even prettier on an electronic screen than in the hard copy book. Wish me luck in this new venture! Edyth


  1. well, I am so glad I bought when when they came out....my book is also autographed, I feel very honored. Linda

  2. I Really believe you need to put out more books!Some of us are slow to catch on and have only come into this wonderful art recently but it is growing faster thanks to modern technology via the internet! I only started Hooking (coming up on 6 years) and recently joined ATHA, Region 1 Mayflower Chptr. I saw your book "Rugs for my Red Cape" on the table and want one for myself so much! Signed would be better:}You are such an inspiration and everyone just drools over your work! and of course your home and collections! I was fortunate enough to have been able to teach myself through a book of Barb Carroll's I stumbled upon in a used book store here in Salem Ma. 5 years ago and of course many of your designs were in it and a year ago I was able to meet Barb in a workshop in Maine! now all I have to do is catch up with you! I really hope to get a hold of a copy of this book and hope to see more of your work soon. Admirably, Gail Wilkinson


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