Welcome to My Red Cape. Long ago in another time my husband Jack and I lived in a little old red house. It was the stuff of dreams to us for the few years that we were there. I live there still a number of hours every day in imagination, with old dolls and paintings and fabrics and feather trees. I draw inspiration and happiness from the memories of that space in time and share some of it here with friends who remember how to step with Alice through the looking glass and take delight in whimsies and antiquities. ~ Edyth O'Neill

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mouse needed

Here is the tall case clock I purchased yesterday for my doll family. The height is 44 inches. It is pictured here on my dining table with a full size old American painted clock in the back ground, as well as with a group of dolls.

If you like old clocks see Peggy Flavin's outstandingly lovely example here:
This post on her blog shows two Queen Ann style dolls playing on the old clock. 

I want a mouse to sit on top of this small clock in the doll's display. Any suggestions for making one email me at joneill816@austin.rr.com. I could stitch a simple one from my rug wool.  What shall I use for stiff whiskers?  A Steiff mouse could be there instead.  e

Monday, July 14, 2014

Doll show in San Antonio today.

  I have never attended a nice antique doll show before , auctions yes, good shows no,  which made today so special!  There is a doll show downtown at the same time as the UFDC convention this week in San Antonio.   I bought a large papier mache boy like one I used to have though a size or so smaller and a little Goodyear hard rubber head dating perhaps 1855 to 1860,  a  contemporary of my American pressed linen head dolls.  I also bought a tall clock (not antique but well made) the size of my other favorite doll furniture Jack made.  A small old doll quilt and a little blue striped dress were easy additions. 
A very large Steiff bear, signed, came home but is too large for the case I wanted to put him in. One of the replicas of a few years back, this one is the cream colored Margaret Strong bear in the largest size.   He looks a lot like my replica 1906, lost in the house fire. That bear I called Elvis because he said to me in a deep bear voice “I wanna be your teddy bear”.   This one I  call Rowbear for the show promoter.  As there were 5 bags, most heavy, It took two extra people to get me out of the hotel and onto the sidewalk.  It was a parade with Rowbear the bear looking over the top of his sack.   There was one spectacular big fashion doll there  shown with her owner, Val of Val Star Antiques in IL.     It was my favorite doll for best in the show.

In this picture in front of the Ida Gutsel cloth boy, see the tiny shoulder head? I did not see it till I lifted the Gutsel boy out to look at him and then saw the early little Goodyear head!

 I could not leave the clock, it keeps time and chimes from a battery run works.  Close ups of my purchases will be posted soon. 
I had a good time visiting with people,  met a friend of Dixie Redmond's.  A lady came up to me at the show and said are you Edyth? I said yes.  She is Terri  from another Texas town.  She said I recognized you from your pictures on your blog, love the blog etc.. She is a great fan of Dixie's and Kathy Patterson’s and Peggy Flavin’s,  and had a doll by Lone Pierette  in her booth for sale.  Lone is a great doll maker in Denmark. I enjoyed running into an internet friend.  Dixie has woven a great web of us together round the world making and enjoying dolls together.   e

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Big Full Moon!

For two nights our block has had informal gatherings outside about 9:15 pm to watch the big sky show!  Visiting and standing in the middle of the street made fun Moon Parties.   I love my neighbors on this block!  E

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Long Hot days, mostly inside now sewing or reading

With the warmer weather, early mornings are the time to pick a few tomatoes, change the water in the bird bath, do the small things outside.  I am out again late evening, to walk and enjoy the neighborhood.   Now there has finally been time allotted to arrange a sewing nook.    These pictures look like I am sewing in a dark place, not so, it is a matter of my camera's auto setting which picks up and tempers the brightest light. 

I want to find a little model 20 singer to add to the shelf above my featherweight.  I have two of the featherweights in very good shape so that if one is off being serviced, the other is here to use.  
There are so many stitches needed to care for a doll collection and the accessories one displays with it.  I sew some of the smaller accessories in place for safety.  Miss Greiner is quite please with her new old basket.  I took a few stitches by hand to make a loop around her arm to secure the basket.

There will be company here next week to share the dolls with during the UFDC convention held in San Antonio this year.  I have been a member off and on for 55 years!   e

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy Beautiful 4th with plenty of Peach Cobbler

It was a heart warming Birthday celebration for this beloved country, here in a very patriotic small West Texas town.  After a Norman Rockwell parade in town during the morning, last evening my friend John and I drove out to a large park and joined a family picnic on a hilltop waiting for the fireworks to begin. There were 8 adults and the two little people, Macy 2 and a half and Jackson 5.    The setting was gorgeous and the fireworks great.  My great grand children are my heart's very treasures.    e


Thursday, June 26, 2014


Now is full summer time, lush green and vibrant. How blessed is the rain. Our area of West Central Texas is still much behind which means the deep pools of water below us have not recovered, but with the need to irrigate abating some,  we will be drawing less from those precious aquifers for a little while at least. Between here and the new Mexico border there have been good rains scattered over a wide area. 

In the 1950's and 60's I subscribed to "Mother Earth News" and learned to make my vegetable garden under a deep permanent mulch.  This morning with everything freshly washed I felt a kinship with the younger self of those times as I played in the garden, my hair in a braid again and my gardening gloves on.  I have a nice layer of Coastal Bermuda hay on the ground around the vegetables and added the trimmings from a culinary sage which was growing over a walkway, and then cut up last years' parsley plants to add to the mulch.  I add bits of plant matter on top continuously and it makes an herby sweet smelling cushion under foot.  It is time to cut back the basil and add it's fragrance to this.  Fruit and vegetable trimmings from the kitchen are buried here and there under a bit of top soil and then the mulch rolled back in place over them.   Composted manure will help too at the end of this growing season.  Next spring I will set in purchased blue bonnets in between the vegetable plants to add nitrogen to the soil which is needing that.  There are a few of the blue flowers this year, but they cannot self seed in the deep mulch. 

This is peach season for Fredericksburg, and I celebrate with large pies, not as big as in the past when I used a 19 inch long turkey pan for my peach pies, but still large enough to share with friends.  When I was in my 20's I thought it a great sin to buy piecrust and always made my own.  Now I let Pillsbury do them and I add cinnamon and nutmeg and sugar and bits of real butter on top of the crust and for a crowning touch a nice sprinkling of pecans.  No one complains.   This weekend I will make my third one for this summer.  I hope each of my friends is enjoying this beautiful season as much as I am.  e

In the ornamental part of the garden "Indigo Spires" has reached a height of 4 feet and a spread of about 7.

Friday, June 13, 2014

My own Green Eden

We have hot muggy weather here, blessed rain for us again last Monday.  I can’t tell you how good it is to have rain when we are so dry and dusty.  Most of my yard is looking very pretty, unfortunately the soil I paid to have brought in for the big vegetable bed is no good and the plants struggle and some die along. I am extremely disappointed in it, but will hang on for this growing season and try to pay to have it taken out and replaced in the fall.   Just in case, for plan "B" I am continuing to try to improve what I have.  
This neighborhood had a great block party a few houses down from me last Sunday night, 32 people came and brought food and chairs and cooked hamburgers and drank wine and visited for a bit over 3 hours!    This included Cheryl’s 93 year old neighbor whom she helped and another precious  neighbor on a walker, and no one was left out.  We are a tiny one block long strip of garden homes, with lots just 50 feet wide, zero clearance on one side and a small side yard  on the other. The side and back yards are completely closed in and private with no windows on the neighbor’s side.  I love my little courtyard!   Many of these tiny yards are beautifully done.


Every part of life is richer for friendships remembered.  There are plants in my garden brought by loving hands to share. The Little Gem Magnolia brought to us by Jan and Bill has already bloomed this summer.  Jan left us in the same 24 hours as my Jackie.  Beside my front door is a little cast iron pot on the right from Elizabeth Cates, a friend for more than 50 years of my life.  To the left is a cast iron rabbit given to me by Virginia.  e

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